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Real-Time AI based Decision Support Systems

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Real-Time Artificial Intelligence based Decision Support Systems

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BellHawk Systems Corporation provides Real-Time Artificial Intelligence based Decision Support Systems for Industrial, Government and Health Care Organizations.

These systems enable organizations to increase sales and/or improve customer satisfaction, cut operational costs, and prevent mistakes by processing large amounts of data in real-time to provide actionable advice or warnings in a readily digestable format for humans.

These systems are typically based on the five-layer model shown above, with the followining layers:

  1. Real-time data collection from multiple systems and sensors to form a continually evolving real-time "world-view" that is the basis for making decisions.
  2. Intelligent data exchange with other systems. This is typically where the system typically gets and integrates the goal information it needs to perform its planning and scheduling processes.
  3. Planning and scheduling. This is where the current status represented by the world-view is compared with the operational goals. The difference between the current world state and a desired world state is used to drive the planning algorithms, using techniques such as model-based reasoning. The outcome of planning algorithms may then be used for automatically scheduling resources, which may lead to modification of the plans in a feedback loop, especially as the world view changes
  4. In the mistake prevention layer, the system is looking for operational mistakes that are about to occur and warning people when they are about to make a mistake or even preventing the mistake by interacting with equipment.
  5. In the alerting layer, the system is continuously comparing the planned actions of the organization with the outcomes being achieved and alerting managers and supervisors to situations that need their immediate attention.

The important thing is that these systems are not static. They are continuouly evolving and learning as new data is presented, with the different layers interacting with each other and with a large number of people, and possibly equipment, in real-time. They are often geographically distributed with many intelligent agents scattered throughout a client's IT infrastructure.

The BellHawk System's team has many years experience in developing this type of system, first for the Department of Defense, and, later, for industrial and health-care organizations.

Each of these projects starts with a requirements analysis, followed by a systems design, and then implementation by a BellHawk Systems led team of experts in different aspects of implementing real-time AI based systems.

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