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BellHawk Systems provides systems based on its BellHawk software platform to assist manufacturing, engineering, construction, food and pharmaceutical processing, and other industrial organizations to preventing operational mistakes.

These systems prevent mistakes in a number of ways, for example:

Point-of-action warnings are delivered directly to users data collection device. Other messages are delivered to managers and staff people by E-Mail or text-messages based on user defined rule parameters.

The BellHawk software platform includes a number of commonly needed warnings. Others can be added using the Real-Time Artificial Intelligence capabilities of the RTX software. RTX periodically monitors the BellHawk database, in conjunction with other systems, and applies rules to determine when warning messages need to be sent and to who.

If you have a problem with people making operational mistakes, please click on the (Contact Us) button to arrange a discussion with one of our experts about how we can possible assist.


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