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BellHawk Systems News Releases

3 October 2017 BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper "Three Simple ways to use Barcode Scanning to Track Work-in-Process". This white paper describes three different methods for using barcode scanning to track work-in-process and the trade-offs involved.

15 November 2016 BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper "Artificial Intelligence and the Smart Industrial Warehouse". This white paper describes how Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve the efficiency of industrial warehouses, prevent mistakes, and enable customer orders to be shipped on time.

10 October 2016 BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper "How Artificial Intelligence makes Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) easy to use and deploy and much less costly". This white paper describes how Artificial Intelligence makes Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Systems Easy to Use and Deploy and much Less Costly.

21 August 2016 BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper "The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Manufacturing Operations Management". This white paper describes how real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques originally developed for the USAF and NASA are being applied to manufacturing organizations to enable managers to run their manufacturing plants with less stress and much smaller management teams. It gives examples of how even small manufacturing organizations are able to use these methods to automate their planning and scheduling and for managers to be alerted whenever problems arise.

30 April 2016 BellHawk Systems announces the availability of a new white paper "Barcodes vs. RFID and the Internet of Things for Work-in-Process Tracking" to help manufacturers assess the pros and cons of these technologies for accurately tracking work-in-process and inventory within their manufacturing operations.

10 March 2016 BellHawk Systems announces the availability of a new white paper, "Cost Saving Technology to assist Food Processors Comply with Traceability Mandates from their Customers" which describes technology that can help food processors meet supply chain traceability requirements from large supermarket and restaurant chains. This white paper also provides an overview of the FDA regulations that are driving these mandates.

20 January 2016 BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper, "Using Technology to Enable Rapid Growth of Make-to-Order Manufacturing Businesses", which addresses the specific challenges faced by manufacturers who provide custom and semi-custom products to customer order. This paper is the distillation of over a decade of experience BellHawk Systems has achieved using their technology to assist companies whose growth is limited by their current operational systems.

10 November 2015 BellHawk Systems announces the availability of a new white paper on "Real-Time Work-in-Process Tracking Methods for Make-to-Order Organizations" by Dr. Peter Green. In this white paper we look at some solutions to the challenges of short-run, quick-turn make-to-order and/or engineer-to-order projects that these organizations face. We start out looking at how to use barcode scanning and mobile computer technologies to simply track batches of material and labor hours. We then explore how performing real-time work-in-process tracking for make-to-order manufacturers can become quite complicated when all the requirements are taken into account.

18 September 2015 BellHawk Systems announces new features for its low-cost Industrial WMS System. These include (a) use by project-focused make-to-order, engineer-to-order, repair, refurbishment and construction organizations, (b)use for warehousing and distribution of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and other regulated products, (c)tracking of products by length, width, size, weight, and color as well as multiple user- specified units of measure, and (d) supply chain integration, including printing GS1 standard SSCC barcodes for cartons and pallets as well as sending ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notices) using EDI software.

15 April 2015 BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of an industrial wireless-mobile warehouse management system (WMS) for a purchase price of $3,000 or a subscription cost of $200/month. BellHawk WMS gives a real-time view of inventory and can quickly pay for itself by replacing the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with the use of wireless mobile computers equipped with barcode scanners.

10 March 2015 BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper "Barcode Tracking Simplified for Make-to-Order Manufacturers". This while paper addresses the problems of tracking the manufacture of products in many different sizes, colors and with many options and handling the resultant explosion in part numbers.

7 September 2014 BellHawk Systems announces the availability of a new real-time work-in-process scheduling module for their BellHawk barcode work-in-process and inventory tracking software. This work-in-process scheduling module helps manufacturing and other industrial organizations ensure that customer orders get shipped on time by dynamically prioritizing work-orders through multiple work-centers.

5 August 2014 Jump Starting Profitable Growth in Manufacturing Organizations using Real-Time Work-in-Process Tracking Systems. This news release announces the availability of this white paper which describes how manufacturing organizations can use real-time work-in-process tracking systems to increase their sales and profitability.

23 April 2014 Cost Saving Ideas for Implementing Barcode Inventory and Production Tracking and Warehouse Management Systems. This white paper is especially focused on the needs of the small and mid-sized manufacturers, food processors, and industrial distributors that need to implement these systems at minimum cost, while retaining the ability to have the system grow as their business expands.

10 April 2014 Successfully implementing automated work-in-process and materials traceability systems. In this white paper Dr. Peter Green presents the lessons learned by his team in implementing close to 100 of these systems, most of which were successful, but some were not. Then the paper presents a recommended implementation process that has been found to be successful and minimizes the time, risk and cost of implementing these systems.

6 January 2014 BellHawk Systems announces the availability of its CFR 21 Part 11 module for its inventory and work-in-process tracking software. This enables BellHawk to be used as an affordable replacement for paper forms and Excel spreadsheets in Pharmaceutical applications which must be validated to meet FDA regulated Good Manufacturing Practices

3 December 2013 BellHawk Systems announces low-cost BellHawk Work-in-Process tracking software (WIPS) starting at $3,000. This software enables manufacturers and other industrial organizations to track the real-time progress of jobs through a sequence of operations. It also enables the capture of the labor hours on each operation as well as the elapsed time.

22 July 2013 Affordable Integrated Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Execution Software. The BellHawk software combines all the features of a Wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS) with comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) capabilities. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile data collection devices, barcode scanners and printers.

15 July 2013 Sage has announced the end of life for its Pro and PFW software products, as of March 2014. This has left many users of these Sage products uncertain as to how best to replace the use of this software within their organizations. BellHawk Systems announces the availability of two white papers. One is on cost effective replacement alternatives for Sage Pro and the other for Sage PFW using the BellHawk software.

May 15, 2013: Jim DeGroff, Managing Partner of Formulator Software, LLC and Peter Green, President and CTO of BellHawk Systems Corporation agreed to a joint collaboration combining FORMULATOR software Lab-Book development tools with the BellHawk barcode inventory and production control technology. The resulting collaboration makes available the BellHawk barcode tracking technology to Formulator batch manufacturing accounts that are interested in limited or full control of their warehouse inventory and operations from receipt, put-away, and movement of raw materials to the production, picking, packing and shipping of finished products.

April 28, 2013: BellHawk Systems announced an updated version of its Warehouse Management System (WMS) for QuickBooks Enterprise. This new version of its BellHawk software uses ruggedized wireless mobile computers, PCs, iPads, or Android tablets equipped with barcode scanners, to record inventory transactions in real-time. BellHawk then automatically enters these transactions in QuickBooks with no manual intervention or data entry.

August 6, 2012: Simple Materials Traceability for Food Processors. BellHawk Systems announces its new simple materials traceability module, primarily aimed at smaller food processors. This module enables food processors to track what materials went into each batch of product and which customers the products were shipped to. It also enables tracking back from finished product to its ingredients.

March 14, 2012: BellHawk Systems and Vangard Voice announce a partnership to offer voice-enabled, Cloud-based, warehouse management, manufacturing execution, and supply-chain management systems. The use of voice directed operations enables hands-free material movement thereby increasing the speed and efficiency of materials handling. In combination with barcode and RFID scanning it also prevents operational mistakes.

January 11, 2012: BellHawk Systems announces the availability of an automated data exchange interface between its BellHawk integrated Manufacturing Execution, Operations Management, and Warehouse Management System and QuickBooks®. The integration of BellHawk with QuickBooks gives small to mid-sized industrial organizations a complete integrated information technology solution that has more features than ERP systems costing many times more.

December 6, 2011: BellHawk Systems announces that its BellHawk V6 Cloud-Based MES System adds an improved Automated Barcode Label Printing module that does both print-on-demand and print ahead printing of barcode labels. It solves the problem of how to efficiently print out barcode labels on barcode printers in local manufacturing plants from a remote server, which is running the MES system, over the Internet.

September 28, 2011: BellHawk Systems announces the availability of the latest V6 release of its BellHawk real-time inventory and operations tracking software. This software enables manufacturers to cut labor costs for data collection and to prevent costly mistakes by replacing the use of labor intensive paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with barcode and web-mobile data collection technologies.

August 23, 2011: BellHawk Systems announces the availability of a quality assurance (QA) module for its BellHawk® web-mobile materials tracking and traceability software. BellHawk QA enables these organizations to track the quality control status of their inventory and work-in-process and to prevent the use of defective or contaminated material. BellHawk QA also enables organizations to prove that they complied with their Quality Assurance Plan.

May 9, 2011: BellHawk Systems announces the addition of a web-services interface to its BellHawk SCI Enterprise Application Integration Framework. This enables cloud-based applications, such as commerce-websites and CRM systems, to automatically exchange data with legacy applications, such as ERP and accounting systems, within a client's own facilities.

April 12, 2011: BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of its new BellHawk-on-Line® Cloud-based software that captures materials tracking and traceability data in real-time for manufacturers. This inventory and work-in-process tracking is performed using barcode and mobile data collection technologies. BellHawk-on-Line is available as an on-line subscription service and for integration within an organization's own information technology infrastructure.

For more information, please contact Dr. Peter Green President and CTO of BellHawk Systems at (508)-865-8070 x301 or send an Email to Peter.Green@BellHawk.com.

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