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BellHawk Systems specializes in assisting manufacturers and other industrial organizations to implement operational intelligence systems. These organizations include manufacturing, engineering, construction, and other industrial organizations. BellHawk Systems also supports the implementation of materials traceability systems for food, pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnology processors and distributors.

BellHawk Systems specializes in systems that use technologies such as barcode scanning and printing, mobile computing, RFID, and real-time Artificial Intelligence.

Most of the BellHawk Systems projects are based on the use of the BellHawk software platform and the MilRamX automated data exchange software platform for which licenses are resold by BellHawk Systems, under license from Milramco LLC, as part of the projects that the staff of BellHawk Systems helps implement.

 BellHawk Systems also provides support services for BellHawk Online clients and for systems integration organizations implementing real-time operational intelligence systems for their clients, based on the BellHawk and MilRamX software platforms.

BellHawk Systems sells its services directly to clients and also works as a subcontractor to partners who provide systems integration solutions for their clients.

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