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BellHawk Systems Technology

BellHawk Systems Architecture

A BellHawk system consists of:

  1. The BellHawk software, which consists of a specialized BellHawk website and SQL Server database running on a Windows Server computer. All user interactions takes place through the website interface using web-browser based devices and all tracking data is captured in the SQL server database. The BellHawk software can be installed on the client's own Windows Server or used on a subscription basis at a secure data center in the "Cloud".
  2. Ruggedized mobile computers, tablets and PDAs, usually with integral barcode scanners, which are used to capture data by means of barcode scanning. These use a web-browser to communicate with the server over a plant wireless network, the Internet, and/or a mobile phone data network and thus do not need any special software to be loaded onto the devices.
  3. PCs equipped with corded or cordless Bluetooth scanner which can be used to capture data by barcode scanning using a web-browser.
  4. PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones that can be used to view and control operations from anywhere and at any time they have an internet connection to the Windows Server, through a web-browser interface.
  5. PCs that are used, through a web-browser interface, to run reports, enter system setup data, and perform Excel imports and exports. PCs are also used to enter purchase orders, work orders, pick orders, and ship orders and to monitor their progress.
  6. A set of interfaces that enable clients to implement automated data exchange interfaces with a wide-range of ERP, accounting, CAD, E-Commerce, process control, and supply chain systems. BellHawk can import and export data in the form of Excel spreadsheets for simple data exchange with other systems. BellHawk also supports a web-services interface for data exchange with a remote system.
  7. The Bell-Connector DEX interface which enables users to setup rules for automated data exchange between BellHawk and databases in a local plant.
  8. Barcode label printers which can be used to print barcode labels on demand through any data collection device as part of the data collection process, using the BellHawk Barcode Label Printing System

Packaged versions of BellHawk are available on a Software-as-a-Service subscription basis in the Cloud. Please see Using BellHawk Online is an excellent way to quickly get up and running to solve operational problems.

Perpetual licenses  to use the BellHawk software platform on a client's own Windows Workstation are also available on a one-time purchase basis. Please see for technical details about BellHawk and Bell-Connector.

Clients can start  using BellHawk Online and then BellHawk Systems staff can quickly migrate their BellHawk system to run on the client's own server once the client has determined that BellHawk is the correct package for them.. This is made feasible because each client gets their own website and database. This also enables BellHawk System's staff members to customize the systems to meet the individual needs of each client, irrespective of whether they are using BellHawk Online or hosting the software on their own server.